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Blade and Shade 2+ Years Healed

At my microblading business, I've had the pleasure of seeing many clients come back for touch-ups after 1-2 years, and the results have been stunning.

When Sascia returned to my studio, I was amazed at how well her brows had held up after two years. She was raving to me how her brows literally changed her life and gave her so much confidence. I took a photo of her brows to show future clients the potential longevity of microblading, specifically in her case- blade and shade technique.

If you're considering microblading but worried about how it will look after healing, I hope this blog post has reassured you that the results can be long-lasting and beautiful. Of course, everyone's skin and lifestyle are different, so it's impossible to guarantee the exact amount of time your microblading will last. But with proper aftercare and touch-ups as needed, you can enjoy fuller, more defined brows for years to come.

2 years + blade and shade before touch up

Immediately after touch up

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