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Case Study: Correcting Brow Asymmetry

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

uneven brows

Client Profile: Akiko came to me seeking a more permanent solution to improve her eyebrows. She has combination skin, doesn't normally wear a lot of makeup and wanted a more symmetrical and uplifted brow shape that would complement her features and give her a refreshed appearance.

Consultation and Goal Setting: During the initial consultation, we took time to thoroughly assess her facial structure, hair growth patterns, and personal preferences. We noticed that her right brow sits higher than her left, and that her tail ends much lower than her front bulb. The low tail placement can often create a tired/droopy appearance, in order to correct that we would need to trim off some of the tail hair and reposition the tail higher. I informed her that this change would require some future maintenance as her hair will eventually grow back and she will end up with two tails if not trimmed regularly. Together, we established the goal of creating a lifted tail that would harmonize with her natural brow shape, while also levelling out the asymmetry as much as we can.

Designing the Brow Shape: Based on the initial assessment, I designed a new brow shape that would address her asymmetry and deliver the desired uplifted look. Taking into account her facial features, we opted for a slightly higher arch to shorten her forehead space and lift up her upper face. Our aim was to create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance while maintaining a natural look. We decided on the blade and shade technique to bring more definition to the tail while keeping the front of the brows fluffy with hair strokes.

how to fix uneven eyebrows

Akiko's right brow naturally sits higher than her left, her right eye is also slightly bigger and higher than her left eye.

asymmetrical eyebrows

Immediately after the appointment, you can see that her brows are much more even with the tail sitting at a higher position. Her right brow will remain slightly higher than her left due to the natural asymmetry of her face, but overall she looks much more youthful and energized. The healed brows will be 30-40% lighter and the warmness will subside.

fixing eyebrow shape

Healed 1 session before touch up (some patchiness is totally normal)

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