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Touch-Up Session

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

You always hear artists talking about touch up session, but why is it necessary?

Biology. 📖

The natural skin healing starts right after the brow procedure. Since semi-permanent makeup only deposits in the upper dermis layer of the skin, some pigments will inevitably get metabolized and "pushed out". Relying on one session alone to achieve the desired outcome is incredibly difficult. Most people require minimum 2 sessions to achieve the desired look. This is why touch-ups are needed to fill back any colors that are lost during this process.

Psychology. 🧠

Most people aren't used to seeing drastic changes to their face, and some are nervous about going too dark. In these cases I will opt to go light on the first session and add in more color during touch up if needed. You can always add more, but you cannot take away what's already there!

Once you are adjusted to your new brow, you can decide whether you want to keep things the way it is, or if you want anything changed during touch up. The one month healing is the perfect buffer time to adjust and make any decisions.

Client lost some pigment during healing and we were able to fill back those color during touch-up.

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