Microblading For Men

While skin care is becoming increasingly popular with men, brow care deserves some spotlight as well! After all, a good set of eyebrows can drastically improve your appearance and take years off your face.

As we age, we all experience some degrees of hair loss on our eyebrows. The most common area to lose hair is the middle to tail part of the brow. Microblading is a subtle way to add back those lost density without looking unnatural or over-done. The result is a fuller, more refined set of brows that will leave people wondering what you did, but you definitely look better. It is a miracle mini facelift without surgery.

Below is a before and after comparison for one of my client. In the before photo, his brow was sparse and without a defined shape. I trimmed his brows and created an upward shape for him to lift up his eyes. When placing the Microblading strokes, I followed the growth pattern of his own hair to achieve a natural result that blends in with his existing brow hair.

Do you notice how much his eyes opened up after the brow was done? He looks much more awake. The best thing is even he couldn't tell what was done, but it just looks better.

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