Microblading Healed Result

Updated: Aug 9

As a Microblading artist, I always want to show what the healed result looks like. After all, that's the part that counts! Microblading, especially blade and shade can almost look too dark immediately after the treatment, but don't be deterred, the healed result is much more natural and undetectable. This is because colours that is freshly implanted into the skin takes time to settle in. What you're seeing in the immediate after photo is pigment that's sitting on top of your skin. Here are some healed photos to help you see the difference between immediate after vs. healed result before touch up.

Blade and Shade- Before and immediately after first session

Blade and Shade- healed 6 weeks result before touch up. In the healed photo, Microblading strokes are less harsh and the color heals more true to the color of her real hair. Healed result shows pigments that are settled into the skin and are typically softer looking than immediate after.

Blade and Shade- Before and Immediately after first session

Blade and Shade- Healed 6 weeks before touch up

Microblading- Before and Immediately After first session. It looks natural but you can still the individual strokes stand out, pigments have not yet settled.

Microblading- Healed 6 weeks before touch up. Again we're seeing softer strokes that blend in with the rest of brow hair. The healed result can sometimes have missing strokes or patchiness due to pigment loss, but touch up will be able to fix that!

Ombre shading- Before and after first session. Client has extremely sensitive, thin skin and was a heavy bleeder. Her immediate after result shows a much thicker brow from swelling and dark warmer tint from irritation.

Ombre shading 6 months healed before touch up. After swelling has come down, the size of the eyebrow will shrink around 10-20%. In this case, the client's eyebrow shrank more than 20% since her swelling was more severe during first session. The healed color is much more natural and matches with her hair color.

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