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What to expect at your appointment

Step 1. Communication

First step to every successful brow appointment always starts with clear communications.

Do you have a preferred shape/style? Do you draw your brows everyday or only on special occasions? Do you like bold, statement brows or do you like soft, subtle brows? Do you have any underlying health conditions or allergies that I should be aware of? Understanding your preference and expectation will ensure we're on the same page and can deliver the result you're looking for!

Step 2. Pre-draw

Pre-draw is my favourite step of the entire process. If you're unsure about which shape/style to get, don't worry. I will design a shape based on your face shape, bone structure and your features. After pre-draw, I will give you plenty of time to check and approve the shape. We will only move forward if we both love the shape. :)

Step 3. Numbing

If you're sensitive to pain, don't worry I got you! My goal is to make your experience as painless and comfortable as possible. Topical numbing cream Lidocaine is applied before Microblading and takes 20 minutes for your skin to properly numb. During this time I will be answering any questions you might have, going over the after care instructions and picking a colour for you.

Step 4. Pigment Application

Once your brow is properly numbed, we can begin the procedure! Lidocaine is a strong numbing agent and my clients usually don't feel much during the entire process at all. If you feel like the numbing is wearing off, we can always reapply the numbing. I will be checking on your comfort level throughout this process.

Step 5. Brow Reveal!

It's finally time for the Big Reveal! After the treatment is completed, I will wipe off any excess ink and clean up your brows and go over the after-care instructions again. Gone are the days of eyebrow pencil, you will now have beautiful water-proof, swear proof eyebrows that will last you 1-3 years!

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